Soulcentric Dreamwork Intensive Application

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Thank you for your interest in this work! We have a couple of questions for you to reflecton and respond to before we can invite you into the program. You have surely read the description for this intensive on the Animas web-site but we want to remind you of a key aspect of this work. This soul-centric dreamwork intensive is designed to invite participants to surrender to the mystery held within their dreams.

A few telling lines in our program description read:

" our dreamwork, we will voluntarily and courageously commit ourselves to an extended stay in thesoul’s mysterious domain, permitting the dream to do its formidable and sometimes fearsomework on us..."

"We will apprentice ourselves to the mystery held within our dreams. With a variety of modalities - including direct dialogue with the dream itself, expressive arts and movement, deep imagery, and wandering on the land with (and in) our dreams - we will submit ourselves to the “underdream” that lies beneath our everyday conscious self. We will offer ourselves to what the night world has to reveal and will allow ourselves to be changed as a result. We will explore how our dreams want to shift us, what doors they want to open for us, what underworld thresholds they want to usher us over."

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