Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver

The Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver must be completed along with your other registration forms. Any questions, please drop us a line via the Contact page. A printable version of the form that can be filled out by hand, scanned and emailed or posted can be found at the bottom of this page.

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We urge those attending any of Animas Valley Institute (AVI) programs produced by Soulcraft Australia (SCA) to take all necessary precautions for their own health and safety, in accordance with the advice and guidance of the Animas Valley Institute (AVI) guides and of their own medical practitioners. Please read the following and sign to indicate your acceptance and agreement.

In seeking to participate in an AVI/SCA program(s), I accept that there is an element of risk, physical and psychological, involved in the activity, including, but not limited to bushy terrain, poisonous creatures and exposure to heat and cold.

I agree to take full responsibility for my own health, wellbeing and safety during the program/s.

I understand that this AVI/SCA program(s), is essentially a personal development opportunity with a focus on nature connection and self awareness.

I agree to assume full responsibility for my participation in this AVI/SCA program(s) and all that I experience.

I understand that my participation in this AVI/SCA program(s), in general and in any particular activity thereof, is entirely my choice, voluntarily and freely made, after considering all factors.

While AVI, AVI guides and Soulcraft Australia, acknowledge a duty of care to all participants, we recommend taking out individual personal injury and ambulance insurance for the duration of the program(s).

I, being aware of my own health and of the program conditions, voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in the program and release AVI, AVI guides, Soulcraft Australia and its producers from liability, financial or otherwise, for accidental injury, illness or loss, which may occur as a result of participating in the said activity.


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